Hiya! I'm Becca. 


I'm kind of averse to self-promotion. I'd rather sit across the table from you & sip my chai tea while I ask a billion questions. I like to listen and observe and get as close to the heart of things as I can. Then I like to pull back the curtains on my own heart and say you're not alone. I like to connect, and music is one of my favorite ways of saying me too. 

I've been singing since I was little, but I haven't seemed to be able to put all my eggs into the music basket, no matter how hard I try. I spent my 20's trying to figure out what "my thing" was and how to capitalize on it. 

As a result, I've been holding music pretty close, terrified to share because it's a vulnerable thing to do.  What if there is no gain in it? 

So God put me on a wild ride learning what it means to let go: I work full time with the elderly. What a rich soil for learning, observing and getting as close to the heart of things as possible. 

As I began to sing for them, I felt like God had placed me in a dark corner and completely forgotten about me. Every time I pulled out my guitar and spilled out, I felt like a waste. I started wishing I could pick a more deserving audience. Oh, to be loved by Jesus, and to discover the rich truth that no place is too dimly lit nor a person ever unworthy of being met with the overwhelming and tender Love of God.  

I'm finding that in God's economy, gaining feels like losing. It's wild, really. He invites me into this wealth and says: in the giving you shall receive. I am learning that to spill out is to be filled. 

So here I am. I put on my best dress and took some pictures and created this little online shanty to invite you in and give away what's in my heart: little melodies and stories of this mystery: I am profoundly and deeply loved. I want you to know that you are too.